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RIGHT HOSPITALS is founded in 2005 by Prof.G.Balakrishnan, Consultant Plastic, Hand and Microsurgeon. RIGHT HOSPITALS provides highly specialized, comprehensive care for patients with injuries and disorders of the hand. RIGHT HOSPITALS is a superspeciality nursing home which caters to the needs of patients requiring Plastic surgery, Hand surgery, Cosmetic surgery, burns management, Trauma and Reconstructive Orthopaedics.

The RIGHT HOSPITALS is ideally located in the heart of the Chennai and easily reachable from the railway station, bus stand or airport. It is a 30 bedded surgical nursing home. All the rooms are centrally air conditioned and well maintained with a pleasant ambience. RIGHT HOSPITALS has two state of art major operation theatres equipped with Carl Zeiss microscope, C-arm, Power drill, Liposuction machine and all other latest equipments. 24 hour casualty service is available. It has fully equiped operation theatres to deal with major trauma and elective surgical procedures in the speciality of plastic surgery, hand surgery, reconstructive microsurgery, orthopaedic surgery, onco surgery and laprascopic surgery.

The RIGHT HOSPITALS started this blood bank to fulfil the need of blood at The RIGHT HOSPITALS and other nearby health centers. This blood bank is around 2500 sq feet and caters to all the requirements as per the drug and cosmetic act , India.

Salient Features

  • Well defined demarcated public and private areas. Public area includes reception, Medical examination room, Blood donation room, Donor's rest room.
  • The restricted private area includes Blood Screening room, Blood component separation room, Blood storage room and related facilities.
  • The best of breed advanced testing equipment, state-of-the-art Blood Bank refrigerators and cold storage cabinets.
  • 24 hours power supply which is essential to maintain the optimal temperature in the blood storage cabinets.
  • Training facility for technicians and Medical officers on Blood Banking technology and component separation.
  • Established quality management system in Blood Bank.
  • Facilities for proper waste disposal system.
  • Computerization of entire Blood Bank services at all levels.

Our Strength

  • Availability of whole Blood and Blood components round the clock 24x7
  • We have well established apheresis unit with properly trained doctors and technicians. Apheresis unit does collection of products like single donor platelets (plateletpheresis), leucopheresis (granulocyte and peripheral stem cell) and therapeutic procedure such as Therapeutic Erythrocytapheresis ,Therapeutic Thromobocytapheresis ,Therapeutic Plasmapheresis ,Therapeutic Leucocytapheresis.
  • We organize Blood donation camp.
  • We have Day-care transfusion facility as per treating consultant orders under medical officer supervision.

If you are eligible, visit our blood bank between 9 am and 5 pm. Right Hospitals Blood Bank awaits you.

Blood Safety

Our foremost importance in our blood bank is safety and quality of blood products, from the selection of blood donors till their administration to the patient. All our blood products are screened for :

  • The establishment of a well-organized blood transfusion service with quality systems in all areas.
  • The collection of blood only from voluntary Non-Remunerated donors from low-risk populations and rigorous screening procedures for donor selection.
  • The screening of all donated blood for transfusion-transmittable infections such as HIV, hepatitis viruses, syphilis and malaria.
  • Good laboratory practice in all aspects of blood grouping, compatibility testing, component preparation, storage and transportation of blood and blood products.
  • Our main aim is to reduce unnecessary Transfusions by appropriate clinical use of blood and blood products, wherever possible, under modern scientific techniques' by well trained Committed man power.
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