Blood Tips
Follow the recommended tips before, during and after a blood donation, to help you experience a safe, pleasant and successful donate.
  • Three hours before the donation, have a good meal
  • Drink good amounts of water or non-alcoholic liquids before your blood donation
  • You will be offered some snacks after the donation.  It is important that you have them. It is recommended that you have a good meal later
  • Do not consume alcohol before 48 hours of blood donation, and for another 24 hours after donation
  • Smoking on the day of donation is not usually recommended. You can smoke after 3 hours of donation
  • Avoid lifting heavy items or vigorous exercises for the rest of the day after donating blood
  • After donation, if you are feeling light headed or dizzy, sit down or lie down for some time, till you feel better. Do not do any activity that might cause you to feel dizzy again. Usually, you will not feel tired or dizzy, if you drink enough fluids and have a good meal after donation
  • You can resume doing normal activities, which do not involve a lot of physical strain
Type of Blood Donation
Donation of blood or 'whole blood' is the most common and familiar type of blood donation....
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