Why Donate Blood?

Why do we need to donate blood? Donating blood is gifting a life to people in need. A healthy person can donate one unit of blood, which in turn is broken up into four different components and used to save multiple lives. The red blood cells extracted from the blood are used for surgical and trauma patients. Plasma from your blood is used to cure clotting problems. The platelets from your blood are used for transplant and cancer patients

People donate blood to save a friend or a loved one. According to a survey, less than 10% of our world’s population has donated blood. You might transform your thinking and motivate yourself to donate blood once you know how your blood can save the precious lives of many. Regular supply of blood is a constant need as blood can be stored only for a limited time. Blood donation on a regular basis by healthy people ensures that safe blood is available when it is actually needed.

  • Donate blood to be healthy: You can help your body stay healthy by donating blood. People with migraines and blood pressure are known to be relieved of pressure in the body by donating blood.
  • A personally rewarding experience: The blood that you have donated is used to make a difference in someone’s life. Knowing that you are one among the privileged people who have done their bit to help others is such a rewarding experience.
  • Become a stronger person: If you are a person who has insecurities facing the needle or the sight of blood, then this is the perfect opportunity to face and overcome your fears. You become a stronger person and there is a great sense of fulfilment when you know that you have faced the fear to help someone in need.

Blood donation is a simple way of helping those that require that extra pint to survive. And what’s more while donating blood you can also become aware of your cholesterol levels. You can donate blood without spending any money, as it is a free service. You can donate blood as an act of giving back to the society, to help the local hospitals and communities, and in general to feel good about yourself.

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Donation of blood or 'whole blood' is the most common and familiar type of blood donation....
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